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Bangladesh Police Citizen Charter

Bangladesh Police Citizen Charter

1. Bangladesh Police serves the general public of Bangladesh.

2. Every single citizen is equal in the eyes of law regardless of their ethnicity, religion, race and political, social & economic classes.

3. All who visit a Police Station, seeking help would be served in a “First come first serve” basis.

4. All who visit a Police Station, seeking help would be treated in a respectful manner and addressed respectfully.

5. Duty officer would help all those who wish to file a General Diary as best as they could and a 2nd copy of the application bearing GD number, date and signature along with the seal of relevent police officer would be given to the applicant. Action would be taken regarding the subject matter of the General Diary as soon as possible and the applicant would be notified about the progress made.

6. The Officer-in-Charge would record the oral/written statement of those that wish to file a case or F.I.R. Complainant would also be notified of the case number, date, section under which the accused would be tried and the name along with the rank of the investigating officer. The investigating officer would maintain regular communication with the complainant and notify him/her about the progress made in the investigation. After the completion of the investigation, the complainant would be notified about the result through a written statement.

7. If a person wishing to file a case is refused by the Officer-in-Charge/duty police officer, the complainant is advised to follow the following procedure:

a. Inform the Assistant Commissioner of Police of the relevent metropolitan or the Assistant Superintendent of Police of the district. b. Inform the relevent Deputy Commissioner/Superintendent of Police if no action is taken regarding the matter. c. Inform the Police Commissioner/DIG if the aforementioned officers fail to take any action. d. Inform the Inspector General of Police if all the aforementioned officers fail to take any action.

8. An injured victim would be provided with all possible assistance from the Police Station. Police would also collect all the necessary medical certificates.

9. The Children Act,1974 would be followed when dealing with underage convicts and it would be ensured that they do not come in contact with adult convicts. To ensure this, every Police Station would be equipped with underage jail facilities over time.

10. Under normal circumstances, female convicts/victims would be under the responsibility & protection of female Police Officers.

11. Some of the Police Stations in Bangladesh have been equipped with One-Stop Delivery Service. Gradually all the Police Stations will also be equipped with this facility.

12. In order to provide all possible assistance to injured and psychologically disheveled victims, all the Police Stations will be gradually equipped with victim support units.

13. Inquiry report regarding passport, verification and firearm license would be sent to the corresponding units within 3 days of getting request for inquiry.

14. Any citizen can file a complaint to higher authority against a Police Officer for denying him/her any of the listed police assistance.

15. For metropolitan area, telephone numbers of Commissioner, Additional Commissioner,concern Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner and zonal Assistant Commissioner and for district, telephone numbers of Superintendent of Police, Additional Superintendent of Police, ASP (HQ), concern Circle ASP and Officer-in-Charge will be displayed in open places in all Thanas (Police Station) of that metropolitan area or district.

16. In stipulated time of all working days, officers of all levels working in metropolitan and district would extend their co-operation to all people seeking help.

17. Members of thana police will maintain uninterrrupted communication with concern community and will initiate community oriented policing service.

18. Senior Police Officers will regularly conduct crime prevention meeting with the concern community and will try to resolve social problems within legal framework.

19. Police will issue Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to all candidates who are willing to go abroad for the purpose of foreign employment/ higher education.

20. Police escort will be arranged as per need basis for any organization who would like to withdraw substantial amount of money from the bank.

21. The list of services provided by the traffic division of concern metropolitan/district police to control vehicles' movement will be exihibited in open places.