Joypurhat District Police

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History of Joypurhat Police

Joypurhat district was a part of Gour,Paul and Sen kingdom. Then it becomes a part of mughal imperial begali area then it become a part of Bengal of british India. After the partition of India it becomes a part of East Bengal of the East Pakistan.

In the course of change of rule and sovereignty it follows different type of Policing. It experienced mughal Foujdar Jamindar System then British imperial Policing system, then Pakistani Suppressive Policing system.

Joypurhat emerged as an Subdivision in 1971 in independent Bangladesh and it sees native Policing system. An SDPO office of Policing system established for this area. In 1984 Joypurhat becomes a district and a District Police Administration has emerged Mr. Syed Monirul Islam was its first Superintendent of Police.

The district was partitioned into 4 Police stations. Further Khetlal Police station was partitioned into two Police stations. Now it consists of 5 Police stations named Joypurhat Police station, Panchbibi, Police station, Khetlal Police station, Kalai Police station and Akkelpur Police station.